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About YKG



Established in 2009, YKG has been supplying exclusive furniture for many four, five star hotels and service apartments around the world. The company has established a strong furniture enterprise in the furniture industry. The company designs and markets exclusive hotel furniture for contract markets. YKG furniture have been distributed to UK and many countries around the world and with its best products combined with a competitive price.

Why you should choose YKG furniture for your business?

  • We provide high quality finishing
  • We build on our relationship with our existing costumers
  • We maintain low cost
  • Environmentally friendly with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001




YKG furniture provides comprehensive furniture packages for hotel and service apartment which include classic, modern and contemporary styles. Our reputation for offering excellent designs and high quality furniture in built on two important factors:

1. Exclusive designs by our experienced designers.
We try to understand and interpret each hotel in an attempt to create personalised design and aesthetic value for each commercial environment. Therefore, our team of designers could offer you bespoke collection to create your own hotel character, to enable your costumers from around the world experience your local characteristic.

2. Top selection of materials and the right tools.
The company has imported the advanced production and trying to keep improving its quality. We use the right tools from the material selection, lumber setting, drying treatment, exquisite carving, grinding and paint spraying to achieve the best final product. The wood itself is lacquered , sanded and died over four times, as a result it is not prone to chip and dent.



YKG furniture has group of professional senior designers, engineers and excellent marketing and management talents. YKG furniture collections are launched our worldwide network of distributors and agents. We offer a range of services to contract markets. We could either supply the fabric or use the clients fabric.

The prices will vary according to its quantity. We are more than happy to discuss any requirement you may have. We pride ourselves on our flexibility in trying to meet each individual customers requirements.



YKG Furniture is dedicated to offering the highest level of customer service. The marketing systems including self- operation, distributor and agents had been formed to provide direct and excellent service and guarantee for the sales of the products. If you would like any extra information regarding any our products, you can contact us using any of the contact details below.


YKG Ltd,
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Telephone: +44 (0)20 3409 4215
E-mail: sales@ukhotelfurniture.co.uk